Sentry MDF shutters

Sentry MDF Shutters

Introducing Sentry MDF Shutters, where affordability meets elegance in window treatments.
These shutters blend the practicality of MDF with stylish design, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Benefits for end clients

Sentry MDF shutters are designed with modern living in mind, bringing together style, functionality, and affordability. Crafted from high-quality MDF, these shutters are engineered to offer a host of benefits tailored to enhance the living experience.

  Aesthetic appeal
  Light control
  Enhanced privacy
  Sturdy construction
  Sound insulation
  Reduced glare
  UV protection
  Child safe features
  Effortless operation
  Easy clean & maintain

Benefits for trade clients

Adding our line of MDF shutters to your product portfolio opens up a world of opportunities. These shutters combine affordability with a high degree of customization, making them a versatile and attractive option for your end-clients.

  Pricing advantage
  Customer satisfaction
  Easy installation
  Robust product
  Broad appeal across market segments
  Wide range of interior applications
mdf shutters
Cost-effective beauty

Affordable Elegance

Budget-friendly solutions
Sentry MDF Shutters offer an economical option without sacrificing the visual appeal of traditional shutters.
Smooth finish
The smooth surface of MDF allows for a flawless application of paint, ensuring a high-quality finish.
Pure white elegance
These shutters offer a timeless elegance that seamlessly integrates with any interior design theme, ensuring a classic and versatile aesthetic
mdf shutters
Built to last

Durable and Stable

Sturdy Construction
Constructed from high-density MDF, these shutters are designed for durability and resistance to warping.
Low maintenance
Our line of MDF Shutters require minimal upkeep, thanks to their durable material and easy-to-clean surface.
Suitable for frequent usage
The robust construction makes these shutters ideal for high-traffic areas, retaining their aesthetic and functional qualities.
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Adaptable style choices

Versatile Design Options

Wide range of uses
From traditional to contemporary, our Sentry shutters are suited for a wide array of window styles and room types.
Custom sizing
Offering custom sizing options, these shutters can be tailored to fit any window dimensions precisely.
Design flexibility
Their versatile nature allows for a multitude of layout and design configurations, meeting specific client needs.
mdf shutters factory
Assured quality with warranty

3-Year Warranty

Warranty protection
Each set of hutters comes with a comprehensive 3-year warranty, covering manufacturing defects.
Quality confidence
This warranty underscores our confidence in the shutters' build quality and long-term performance.
Support and service
In the unlikely event of an issue, our dedicated support team ensures a quick and satisfactory resolution.


The Sentry MDF shutters are currently available in a classic and versatile Pure White colour, perfectly complementing a wide range of interior styles. As we continually evolve our product line, we look forward to potentially introducing additional colour options starting in 2024.

Pure White
SF01 - Pure white


Rectangular windows
3-section bay windows
Box bay windows
Bow/round bay windows
Angled windows
Triangular openings
Raked window shapes
Round/circle shapes
Hexagonal shapes
Octagonal shapes
Quarter-round shapes
Half round shapes
Eyebrow shapes
Elongated eyebrow
Multi panel arched shapes
Sunburst panel
Sunburst top (with T Post) shapes
Sunburst top (with divider strip) shapes


Full height
Café style
Tier on tier
Tracked bi folding
Tracked bi pass
Solid panels

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