Select ash wood shutters

Select Ash Wood Shutters

Discover the luxury and superior craftsmanship of our Select ash wood shutters, exquisitely made from the finest ash wood.
Their distinguished grain pattern and robust nature make them an exceptional choice for adding sophistication and durability to any interior design.

Benefits for end clients

Select ash wood shutters, crafted from premium ash wood, bring a blend of luxury and practicality to any home. Their distinctive grain and strong build offer a multitude of benefits, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of living spaces.

  Elegant wood grain
  Light control
  Robust security
  Energy efficiency
  Exceptional durability
  Sound insulation
  Versatile light ambiance
  Glare reduction
  UV protection
  Allergen-friendly design
  Child safe features
  Smooth operation
  Easy upkeep

Benefits for trade clients

Integrating Select ashwood shutters into your product range offers a unique opportunity to cater to discerning clients who value both luxury and durability. These shutters are not just a product; they're a statement of elegance and quality that can elevate your business offerings.

  Customer satisfaction
  Easy installation
  Premium market positioning
  Distinctive selling proposition
  Wide range of interior applications
select ashwood shutters
Unique wood grain texture

Natural Wood Beauty

Hand-brushed finish
Each shutter is meticulously hand-brushed and finished, accentuating the rich and unique grain of natural ash wood.
Paint and stain options
Customers can select from a variety of paint options and stained tones, enhancing the natural wood beauty.
Characteristic hardwood finish
The finishing process brings out the characteristic beauty and texture of hardwood, offering an authentic and elegant look.
select ash wood shutters
Durable and strong build quality

Robust Construction

Long-lasting durability
Select ash wood shutters are built for longevity, featuring strong joints and a sturdy frame to withstand frequent use.
Shock-resistant material
Crafted from dense ash wood, these shutters are shock-resistant, ensuring they maintain their integrity over time.
Suitable for frequent usage
The robust construction makes these shutters ideal for high-traffic areas, retaining their aesthetic and functional qualities.
select ash wood shutters
Extensive colour and layout versatility

Most Versatile Product

Wide colour palette
With 22 colours available, including 12 paints and 10 stains, these shutters offer unmatched versatility in design.
Customizable designs
Their adaptability extends to various layouts, fitting a range of window shapes and interior styles.
Design profile range
From classic to contemporary, the shutters' design profiles cater to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring a perfect match for any setting.
select ash wood shutters
Reliable five-year protection

5-Year Warranty

Comprehensive warranty coverage
Our Select ash wood shutters come with a five-year warranty, ensuring protection against manufacturing defects.
Warranty activation
Activated upon complete assembly and client acknowledgment, this warranty offers peace of mind and reliability.
Quality and craftsmanship guarantee
In the event of a claim, we provide repair or replacement with similar components, a testament to our commitment to quality.


Our Select ash wood shutters are available in a sophisticated range of colours, offering extensive design flexibility. Your customers can choose from 12 elegant painted colours, encompassing shades from the crispness of Pure White to the depth of Anthracite Grey. Additionally, we provide 10 wood effect colours, expertly crafted to mimic the natural appearance of different wood species. This diverse selection ensures that they can find the perfect hue to complement any interior style, making these shutters a versatile choice for a variety of settings.

Painted colours

window shutters colours pure white   window shutters colours silk white   window shutters colours mint lustre   window shutters colours dusk   window shutters colours ivory lace   window shutters colours oyster   window shutters colours picasso   window shutters colours sea pearl   window shutters colours hall grey   window shutters colours stone gray   window shutters colours brown gray   window shutters colours antracite

Pure White
SF01 - Pure white
Silk White
SF02 - Silk White
SF03 - Lustre
SF04 - Dusk
SF05 - Oyster
Ivory Lace
SF06 - Ivory Lace
Sea Perl
SF07 - Sea Perl
SF08 - Picaso
Hall Grey
SF09 - Hall Grey
Stone Grey
SF10 - Stone Grey
Brown Grey
SF11 - Brown Grey
SF12 - Antracite

Stained colours

window shutters colours golden oak   window shutters colours walnut   window shutters colours old mahogany   window shutters colours coffee bean   window shutters colours black   window shutters colours light ash   window shutters colours limed   window shutters colours natural   window shutters colours rustic gray   window shutters colours provence

Golden Oak
SF61 - Golden Oak
Walnut Fruit
SF62 - Walnut Fruit
Old Mahogany
SF63 - Old Mahogany
Coffee Bean
SF64 - Coffee Bean
SF65 - Black
Light Ash
SF66 - Light Ash
SF67 - Limed
SF68 - Natural
Rustic Grey
SF69 - Rustic Grey
Provence Blue
SF70 - Provence Blue


Rectangular windows
3-section bay windows
Box bay windows
Bow/round bay windows
Angled windows
Triangular openings
Raked window shapes
Round/circle shapes
Hexagonal shapes
Octagonal shapes
Quarter-round shapes
Half round shapes
Eyebrow shapes
Elongated eyebrow
Multi panel arched shapes
Sunburst panel
Sunburst top (with T Post) shapes
Sunburst top (with divider strip) shapes


Full height
Café style
Tier on tier
Tracked bi folding
Tracked bi pass
Solid panels
French cut doors
Special shapes

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