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Select Ash Wood Shutters

unique wood grain texture


Unique Wood Grain Texture

All of our Select Shutters are hand brushed and finished in polyurethane paints or stains, in order to achieve the unique look. This method emphasizes the exquisite rich grain finish that is characteristic of natural hardwoods. Customers have several paint options within the range in addition to a wide variety of stained tones.

5 Years Warranty

Your Select Ash Wiid Shutters are protected against manufacturing flaws for ten years under our warranty. Once the items are fully assembled and acknowledged by the customer, the guarantee is activated.

The sole remedy under this guarantee is the repair or remake of faulty items. Similar or identical components will be used for repairs. Proof of purchase, information about the nature of the issue, where the product is, and other specifics must be included with warranty claims.

Most Versatile Product

The Select Ash Wood Shutters have a wide pallette of 22 colours available - from which 12 polyurethane paint colours and 10 polyurethane stained colours that immitate the natural wood species.

The shutters are very versatile in terms of Layouts possible and because of the wood itself being really dense, the final product is also shock-resistant and does not damage that easy.

12 Painted Colours Available

The Select Ash Wood Shutters come in 12 Painted Colours, ranging from Pure White to Antracite Grey.
SF01 - Pure White
SF02 - Silk White
SF03 - Lustre
SF04 - Dusk
SF05 - Oyster
SF06 - Ivory Lace
SF07 - Sea Perl
SF08 - Picaso
SF09 - Hall Grey
SF10 - Stone Grey
SF11 - Brown Grey
SF12 - Antracite

10 Stained Colours Available

As an added feature, the Select Shutters have a further 10 wood effect colours available as well.
SF61 - Golden Oak
SF62 - Walnut Fruit
SF63 - Old Mahogany
SF64 - Coffee Bean
SF65 - Black
SF66 - Light Ash
SF67 - Limed
SF68 - Natural
SF69 - Rustic Grey
SF70 - Provence Blue
window shapes


Rectangular Openings

3 Section Bay Windows

Box Bay Windows

Bow/Round Bay Windows

Angled Windows

Triangular Openings

Raked Window Shapes

Round/Circle Shapes

Hexagonal Shapes

Octagonal Shapes

Quarter-Round Shapes

Half Round Shapes

Eyebrow Shapes

Elongated Eyebrow Shapes

Multi Panel Arched Shapes

Sunburst Top (with T Post) Shapes

Sunburst Panel Shapes

Sunburst Top (with Divider Strip) Shapes

layouts possible


Full Height

Cafe Style

Tier on Tier

Tracked Bi Folding

Tracked Bi Pass

Solid Panels

French Cut Doors

Special Shapes

select ash wood shutters
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