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We are dedicated to delivering top quality and reliability in window shutters, ensuring every product from Shutters Factory meets the highest industry standards.
For our trade clients, this means not only exceptional products but also a partnership built on trust and support.

Our story

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Opened in 2010, we began our journey with the purpose of manufacturing the highest quality plantation shutters on the market, aiming to become renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Founded on principles of craftsmanship, innovation, and dedication, our company has achieved significant milestones that mark our growth and commitment to excellence.

We expanded our operations by opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Romania. This strategic move was pivotal in reducing lead times to an impressive 4-6 weeks, significantly boosting our efficiency and client satisfaction.

We also hold exclusive supply and distribution rights in Europe and the UK with our partner factory in China, enabling us to offer shutters crafted from premium Douglas fir and ash wood, alongside our robust composite range. This expansion not only diversified our portfolio but also cemented our position as a versatile and comprehensive supplier in the market.

The last decade has been a story of continuous growth and success. Today, Shutters Factory stands as a significant provider of plantation shutters in Europe and the UK, serving a broad network of trade clients. Our journey is one of persistent improvement and expansion, focusing on empowering our partners and setting new benchmarks in the industry.


A Partner You Can Count On

Committed to excellence and partnership, we ensure every shutter and every client relationship is built to last.
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Our core values

Company Ethos

At Shutters Factory, our ethos is rooted in the belief that excellence in manufacturing goes hand in hand with a commitment to our clients.

We pride ourselves on creating not just high-quality plantation shutters but also enduring relationships with our trade partners.

Our approach combines traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, ensuring each shutter we produce is not only a product of beauty but a testament to durable functionality.

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every aspect of our business, from the materials we select to the service we provide, making us a trusted name in the shutter industry.

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Defining our purpose

Mission Statement

Our mission at Shutters Factory is to empower and equip our trade clients with premium plantation shutters that enhance their offerings and delight their customers.

We strive to be leaders in the shutter manufacturing industry by consistently delivering products that blend aesthetic elegance with practical durability.

Our focus extends beyond production to encompass comprehensive support for our partners, ensuring their success with our training, sales assistance, and innovative solutions.

As we continue to grow, our aim is to set new benchmarks in quality, design, and customer satisfaction, fostering long-lasting partnerships and redefining excellence in window dressing.



Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Romania stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and efficiency. Equipped with advanced technologies and stringent quality control measures, this facility is designed to produce high-quality composite shutters with a rapid lead time of 4-6 weeks. Our commitment to precision and efficiency ensures that every product meets the highest industry standards.

Complementing our Romanian operations, we have a strategic and exclusive partnership with a renowned factory in China, specializing in the craftsmanship of premium Douglas fir and ash wood shutters. This collaboration allows us to offer a diverse range of materials, catering to varied design preferences and market needs. Here, traditional craftsmanship meets modern techniques, ensuring each shutter reflects superior quality and aesthetic appeal.

As we are continuously innovating and adapting our manufacturing processes to meet and exceed industry benchmarks, our facilities in Romania and China collectively embody our mission to deliver excellence in window dressing, combining speed, quality, and craftsmanship.


At Shutters Factory, our reach extends across Europe, proudly serving clients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Romania. Our journey, however, is far from complete. We are actively seeking new trade partners in these countries, looking to broaden our trade network.

Additionally, we are casting our sights further, aspiring to establish connections in Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary. Our goal is to bring our exceptional plantation shutters and dedicated partnership approach to even more markets, fostering successful relationships and expanding our presence in the European window dressing industry.

Join us as we continue to grow and enrich our network, offering quality, innovation, and unrivaled support to our trade partners across Europe.

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Beyond Manufacturing: Client Relationships First

At Shutters Factory, our dedication extends beyond manufacturing. We are deeply committed to nurturing lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring their needs are met in every interaction.

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We take pride in our exceptional customer service team, renowned for its excellence. If you're considering a collaboration with us, please feel free to reach out.

Our dedicated team is ready to offer comprehensive support, ensuring a smooth and prompt start to our partnership.
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